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The Equine Chiropractor

Dr. Joe Lally

Horse chiropractic use in the West is becoming more popular…and for good reason. More and more, recreational riders and amateur competitors are discovering what serious performance horse people have known for some time—that preventative chiropractic treatment can make a remarkable difference in a horse’s abilities and attitude.

Horse Chiropractor

Dr. Joe Lally, DC, CAC – serving the Pacific Northwest

Dr. Joe Lally is a human chiropractor who left the office setting to become certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association as an Equine Chiropractor. His goal is to help horse owners optimize the powerful potential of their equine partners using a variety of specialized body work techniques, such as tool assisted myofascial release (TAMR), acupressure, equine chiropractic adjustments, and more, that are tailored to the individual horse’s needs.

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Dr. Joe Lally offers a comprehensive and affordable full-body service for your Equine partner. Read more about this service.


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The Dr.’s Corner

Find out more about equine chiropractic and your horse’s health needs through Dr. Joe’s articles and blog posts.
In addition to balancing the horse’s physical systems, the trainer’s role in monitoring the balance between horse and rider is important.
Problems that might not be evident on a trail ride may be critical in an upper level dressage or jumping performance.
It’s OK to take good care of your horse. If he worked hard for you all show season, he deserves the gift of a little extra care.