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Hello everyone,
I thought it was time to update those concerned about my well-being.
You see a couple of years ago I discovered a lump on the bottom of my left foot, as time progressed I was diagnosed with something called “Charcotte foot syndrome”. Thanks to the diabetes I deal with.
This condition causes weakness and disintegration of the connective tissue that holds the bones together of the feet. This normally only affects one side, nobody said I was normal because due to a sprained right ankle, horse accident, my ankle degraded and had to have my right foot amputated in early December. Hard to work horses on one foot.
I go in this Thursday to get the fitting started for a prosthesis. I am currently residing in Prineville at the Regency Assisted Living facility. This down time is one tough cookie to crack. One night out of a dead sleep slammed face first when there was no leg to support me in a rush to the bathroom, “I forgot”
If all goes well I’m told I’ll be back to work this spring. I do believe I have not done my best work yet. So thank you to all the well wishers and I’ll see you in the springtime.
Keep your eyes on the trail,
Best wishes
Joe Lally DC