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I have a horse that went from perfectly trained to almost dangerous after a dental treatment. He had several vet visits, many equine massage/chiropractic treatments and finally a diagnosis from a dental equine specialist who found exposed pulp on a tooth where they were creating a bit seat.  I thought we were all set and sent my horse off to a great trainer who did make some great progress on him.  The problem was that he still had a very over reactive flight or fight instinct and became heard bound in a matter of hours if he was with other horses.  I recently moved to Bend and was recommended to have Joe out.  Joe immediately knew he had suffered an injury at the poll, which was causing these issues.  He gave me homework to do in between visits, which I did.  In only two visits, plus my daily homework, I had a safe horse again.  He can be away from other horses with no issues and his fight or flight reactions are nearly gone.  It takes something pretty major to upset him now.  I know if it hadn’t been for meeting Joe, my horse likely would have lived his life out in the pasture being afraid of everything.  If I look at cost of trying to fix this before Joe, I’d say I spent well over $5,000 and spent less than $300 and a little of my own time to resolve the issue.  I’ll be forever grateful! 


I can’t say enough Good about Joe ! I’ve used him the last 8 years for various problems that are difficult to diagnose – sore backs, hips, neck, you name it, he’s a wealth of information and is willing to share and give you tips to help your horse heal , So I don’t call a vet – I call  Dr Joe first!!!!

My 10 years of knowing Dr Joe  and needing a chiropractor have always been on Dr.Joe s referral as to their condition.You can have a vet look at them, but no VET can do what Dr.Joe can. I have competed at World level and won because my horses have had the TOUCH of Dr Joe. What is the best part, is that he has taught me how to work on them myself. Not to the caliber of his work, but for relief before I can get in to see him. He wants  owners to take responsibility for their well being, so he can gradually turn over some of their care to owners. I was a Vet Tech for 10 years and have seen A LOT if quacks out there,  bone crushers and the like, and NO one can do what he does,hands down. He us truly the very best.

I highly recommend Dr. Lally. I’ve known him 15 years+ and he has helped me keep my (accident prone) gelding going strong… through regular maintenance and extra help during rehab. Dr. Lally is extremely knowledgeable and his calm and friendly personality makes the treatments positive for both the horse and owner.


I have had the privilege of having Dr. Joe work his magic on my horses for several years. He was a licensed, accredited people chiropractor prior to becoming a licensed, accredited horse chiropractor. He does not simply call himself a chiropractor, he IS a chiropractor – one who is concerned with the wellness of the whole horse – physical, mental, and emotional.

His gifts, however, go far beyond what can be learned, they are instructional, empathetic and he cares with all his heart. He is a GOOD, GOOD human being, and we are blessed to have him among us…..



Dr. Joe Lally has been a great asset to my horse care program over the last 15 years. I use him for my own horse and recommend him to my clients. He can always find the pain or problem and help to start the recovery process. Once I had a horse who managed to open the door to his run during the night and squeeze through. He was then lame behind. I had the vet out twice and he could find nothing wrong with the horse. So I had Dr. Joe out and he soon found the inflammation around his left hip. After 2 visits the horse was sound and in 2 weeks he passed his prepurchase exam and was sold as 100% sound. He is a wealth of information and we love asking him countless questions as he works. He is very generous with his time and knowledge and quiet and thorough with the horses. I can recommend him without reservation!

Grand Prix Dressage Trainer/Instructor Small “r” judge